Mayda  and Ricardo

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Our Story

It all started at a Halloween party in 2007, it's just that neither 
Mayda nor Richy knew it at the time. A mutual friend asked 
Mayda to dance with Richy “as a favor”and she agreed. Richy had always found Mayda incredibly attractive and charming and their dance together convinced Mayda of one thing; Richy was nervous about something.

Not a word was spoken between them as they slow danced
 together and Mayda was less than impressed by Richy's silence
 and yet...there was something about him. Had she known how
taken Richy was with her, maybe she would have felt
 differently, but such is the way of new love and romance. Against all odds, Mayda and Richy shared an amazing conversation and then started dating.

Their courtship lasted for a year and they remained together,
drawn by many things in common and a mutual connection between them. In June of 2008, Richy left a note on Mayda's car while shopping at a mall together in Concord that said simply: “Will
you be my girlfriend?” Mayda, nearly missed it, but when Richy pointed it out, she read it and managed a “yes!” through her 
smiles and tears. Something special was happening between them far beyond mere dating. That thing....was love.

On July 1st, 2014 Richy took Mayda to dinner at a romantic, beachfront restaurant in San Luis Obispo at Avila Beach. Mayda noticed that Richy was unusually disinterested in his food during the meal, and seemed pensive, but he did manage a beer or two. He then asked Mayda to walk with him on the pier. Richy told Mayda how much he loved her and how she had changed his life; he shared his appreciation, love and affection for her as they exchanged questions about love and life together. As they reached the end of the pier, Richy said: “I only have one more question”. He knelt before Mayda, took her hand and said: “Will you marry me?” Mayda's tears might have been answer enough, but she eventually managed to compose herself, look into Richy's eyes and answer: “Yes!”

Today is a celebration of Mayda and Richy; their love, their relationship and the joining of their lives together in marriage!

Susan Brown